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Subject: will you still dig slipknot if they bring out another vol.3 ( if they dont heavy up )
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knot666 1/3/2007 - 12:17:09
me myself i would like it i would rather something like iowa but at the same time i dig vol.3 now it took awhile but it grows on you but hey im a slipknot freak so what do you think *

knotgrrl 1/17/2007 - 12:20:27
course i would,slipknot havnt done anything i dont like yet! another total full on heavy one would be good but im sure i will love whatever they do, *

1lunatik 2/16/2007 - 6:19:31
I would too. but the first one is still the best. they jumped more into the mainstream and had to appeal to a larger audience. spit it out is still my favorite though. *

1lunatik 2/16/2007 - 6:25:31
with his success from the track 'through glass' *

evilnj 2/24/2007 - 6:16:04
Vol3 is my fav one better song writing and sum guitar shredding! Lack of guitar solos really bothers me *

dymrip 3/7/2007 - 7:37:42
Subliminal Verses Gave A Big U 2 The Ppl Who Said Slipknots Guitarist Werent Real Musicians. I Love The Diversity From 1 Song 2 The Next. I Hope The Next Alb*m Offers That Same Wide Variety Of Style As Volume 3. Btw, Joey Is God, I Keep His Picture Behind My Drums So He Can Watch Me. I Cant Up With Da Mans Watchful Eye On Me When Im Playin. Lol *

thmaggot 4/25/2007 - 5:44:20
yeah! Thats what a true fan does.. Take tallica f example load reload an st anger are there worst albums but they are recordin another an i wil stil stay true t them as i wil stay {sic} to the almighty 9 of the knot.. *

maggot69 7/14/2007 - 1:59:34
Slipknot maggot for ever! The band as a whole are genius! They never let their maggots down! *

clayman6 7/27/2007 - 4:41:11
Slipknot rulez!but in vol.3 the songs circle&vermillion pt.2 sounds very stone sour thre r no too bad but itsnt slipknot style.i want another iowa for the next cd no an stone sour cd!! *

8letters 5.12.07 - 11:07pm
Well in some interview Joey said it will be their heaviest alb*m to date, with the experimental (melodic?) stuff still included. And of course, swearing. So it will probably be a mixture of Iowa and Vol. 3 2thumbsup.GIF *

bleed666 6.06.08 - 08:26am
il love slipknot 4evr, no matter what they do. slipknot r n gods! *

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