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Subject: mushroomhead/slipknot fued
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dymrip 3/7/2007 - 7:43:07
Hav U Heard About Mushroomhead (a Band From My Area, Cleveland, Ohio) Claiming Roadrunner Records Hired Slipknot 2 Steal Their Look And Stageshow When Mushroomhead Turned Roadrunner Down? If So, Do U Believe It? Ive Known Mushroomhead 4 Years, Even B4 Slipknot Was Around, And The Resemblance Is Uncanny. Has Any1 Seen Pictures Of Slipknot When They Were Still Undiscovered? Give Me Sum Feedback Ppl. *

thmaggot 4/25/2007 - 5:32:12
Personally think its bull .. There r many bands alike.. Its not impossible t have similar ideas f christs sake.. *

8letters 6.10.07 - 10:08pm
I think they copyed Lordi, too haha.GIF *

djdoom 3.06.09 - 12:08pm
pmpl.GIF Mushroomhead look nothing like Slipknot... I've seen some images of Slipknot before Corey Taylor was introduced, and 2 of the members wore masks... these images were in 1995 by the way... plus, there could be more bands with members that wear masks e.g. Hollywood Undead, all though, they don't want anybody to know their names... *

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