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Subject: The next album
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8letters 6.10.07 - 10:12pm
Quote from Road-
runner Record's

It's going to be heavy as ! promised Jordison. It's going to be heavier than 'Vol. 3...' but just as weird and as experimental. We have a whole bunch of song titles, but nothing I wanna say right now.

I'm hoping for the alternativity of ''Slipknot'' combined with the heaviness of ''Iowa'' and the melodyne of ''Vol. 3'' daydream.GIF *

knotgrrl 18.03.08 - 10:48pm
hope and you shall get! its gonna be totally in awesome, i cant wait, its been too long! *

smf_b4mv 7.09.08 - 06:35am
Well, All Hope Is Gone is released, what do you think about it? I think its gr8, but still Iowa and SlipKnoT are waaay better.. *

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